Our Facilities

Elken Campus

In 2021, Elken consolidated its headquarters, global logistics and distribution centre, health supplement manufacturing centre, and research labs into one building – Elken Campus.

Green Building Index (GBI) Gold Certification
300,000 sqft building

Built in 2013, Elken Campus is a place of remarkable significance as it was Malaysia’s first green building with a GBI Gold certification. The 300,000 sqft building features Elken’s brand new office together with new distributor spaces that are equipped with state-of-art facilities to facilitate events and gatherings. The first floor of the distribution hub contains Elken’s main warehouse, which has the capacity to house 6,000 factory pallets, provides a better working environment and significantly enhances effectiveness for higher efficiency and productivity.





Elken Cafeteria aims to connect people in good ways that encourage bonding and conversations with good food during meals. The cafeteria offers a wide range of food and beverages for the benefit of its staff and guests.

One-stop Service Centre

Elken’s one-stop service centre was established in 2002 to ease customers in making purchases and for distributors to share Elken products with their clients. The one-stop centre has undergone multiple facelifts and revamps to stay relevant throughout the years, and currently houses health, beauty, home appliances, FMCG and TrueYou DNA products and services under one roof.

Integrated Service Facility

Elken’s Integrated Service Facility houses the largest service and support team in Southeast Asia, with service personnels and technicians throughout Malaysia to support Elken’s water purification system across the nation. Upholding the four promises of professionalism, service, quality, and health, the intergrated service facility assembles, produces, distributes, repairs, maintains and provides pre-and-post sales service, all under one roof.