Kington Minérale

High Concentration of Trace Minerals

Kington Minerale contains high concentration of complete, balanced minérale with high trace mineral content to help our body replenish its mineral balance for better cell functions.

Human body needs various types of minerals and elements for a healthy body and mind.
When our bodies are deficient in minerals and elements, we may encounter common health problems such as chronic fatigue, stress, neurotransmitter imbalance and so on.

Re-energise Your Body and Mind with Kington Minérale

Contains high concentration of complete, balanced minerals with high trace mineral content.

Harvested from exclusive plankton bloom vortex.

years of proven efficacy
bioavailable elements


Provides our body with high concentration of complete, balanced minerals

Boosts muscle recovery post-exercise

Remineralizes our body with trace minerals during indoor and outdoor sports activities

Enhances physical performance