Activate Freshness as Simple as 1.2.3

Formulation designed and made in Japan, Elysyle Wakai's minimalist solution cleanses and refreshes the skin for a pure and supple look throughout the day.

Simple 1 . 2 . 3

Minimalist Skincare Routine to Refresh Your Skin

Foaming Cleanser


Gently yet thoroughly cleanses residual impurities without drying skin

Balancing Toner


Rebalances and refines skin texture while preparing skin for maximum moisture absorption

Refining Moisurizer


Refines and soothes skin by restoring healthy appearance


Appealing Skin Within 1 to 2 Weeks

Rebalanced skin oil-water level*

20% of sebum reduction on forehead

Healthier skin barrier*

23% formation of cornified layer

Softer & smoother skin**

17% reduction of pore volume

Soothed skin*

Inhibits inflammation activity

Feel moisturised and less oily***

* In vitro test result.
** Clinical assessment, 8 subjects, 1 month
*** Self-assessment, 24 subjects, 4 weeks