Burn Stored Fat. Prevent Fat Accumulation

The ultimate fat burner that leverages the body’s clock rhythm to burn stored fat and block fat accumulation. Trigen-S helps to boost the body’s thermogenesis by increasing metabolism, to burn more calories and support weight management.

Boost Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is the creation of heat inside the body. It is commonly known as “fat-burning”. By boosting thermogenesis, TRIGEN-S helps to increase your metabolic “fire” and burn more calories to generate heat. This process can maximise the fat-burning process.

Boost Metabolism

TRIGEN-S helps to boost your metabolism of brown fat* to burn excess body fat by:

  • Promoting mitochondria metabolism in brown fat
  • Stimulating Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) synthesis
  • Promoting fat burning
* Brown fat / adipocyte tissue has a high concentration of mitochondria. It is responsible for daily energy expenditure and thermogenesis process.

Reduce Fat Size

TRIGEN-S stimulates lipolysis* in white fat** tissue for breaking down fat during sleep through:

  • Reduction of fat cell size
  • Breakdown of fat
  • Fat burning
* Lipolysis is the process where calories are mobilised and the fat stored in the body is broken down.
** White fat / adipocyte tissue contains large fat droplets that is stored to be used during fasting and resting periods.

Block Fat Accumulation

TRIGEN-S inhibits the enzymes from digesting carbs and preventing its absorption and transformation into fat. This allows the carbs to pass through your body undigested without providing calories or raising blood sugar.

Released an additional 15% of free fatty acid for energy fuel.
Reduced 63% in fat mass.


Gained in 1.4% in lean mass which contributed to a healthier body composition.
Led to an increase of resting energy expenditure by 180kcal/day.

Clinical Study

Research Centre University of Murchia, Spain

16 Weeks

77 Subjects BMI > 25 AGE 29-52

Normo-Caloric Diet (Harris And Benedict)

Physical activity (No Recommendation)

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA)