Elysyle Contouring Socks

Supreme Stabiliser For Perfect Balancing.

Foot stability is everything. Losing balance leads to body ache. Elysyle Contouring Socks provides stability and support by rotating pressure on the sole in a winding figure of 8 from arch to ankle, giving you comfort, stabilization and freedom in every move.

Ergonomic Design with Tested & Proven Results

1. Performance X-Band
The Performance X-band supports the centre of gravity of the ankle, lifts the toes up naturally, holds the foot in place so that you feel lighter and minimises the risk of falling down

2. Graduated Compression Technology
Exerts the tightest pressure at the ankle and slowly gets looser as it moves up the calf.

  • Stimulates Blood Circulation – Improves oxygen flow to the muscles. Reduces leg oedema and discomfort.
  • Reduces Fatigue – Removes lactic acid accumulation to reduce fatigue.
  • Improves Endurance – Better nutrient delivery and waste removal, assists your sore muscles to recover and repair faster.

3. Comfort Fitting
The material used in Elysyle Contouring Socks is extremely comfortable to wear, incredibly lightweight and flexible.

  • Self-adjusting band resists slipping.
  • Quick dry fabric
  • Seamless toe area hugs the contours of the asymmetric toe area perfectly.
  • The heel area ensures a proper fit while stabilising the heel.

4. Comfortable nylon, polyurethane and cotton with Kodenshi®

5. Designed by a certified chiropractor with ergonomic cutting to fit perfectly and optimise lower leg performance.

  • Clinical Excellence Citation (Life Chiropractic College West)
  • Award for Best Research Article
  • Award for Excellence In Research


With improved blood circulation & balanced feet, it helps to relieve or prevent:


Tired legs and feet


Cold limbs


Oedema (water retention)


Standing, sitting or traveling for extended periods of time


Varicose veins


Economy class syndrome


Posture problems


Back Pain

Size Specifications

Feet / Calf Measurement M L
Feet length (cm) 23 - 25 35 - 27
Calf circumference (cm) 33 - 43 35 - 45
EU 35 - 39 39 - 43
US (WOMEN) 35 - 39 8.5 - 11.5
US (MEN) 3.5 - 7 7 - 10