ELG6 Colostrum

ELG6 Colostrum

ELG6 Colostrum is collected during the first milking after the birth of a calf. This all-natural health supplement is beneficial to our bodies.
ELG6 provides a good balance of nutrients necessary to activate various processes in the body.

*Only available in Malaysia and Brunei.

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First milking colostrum provides a perfect balance of both immune and growth factors necessary to activate various processes in the body.

Used as a health supplement.

4 Uniqueness of ELG6 Colostrum

  1. The Highest Number of Beneficial Active Ingredients (70 Types)
  2. First Milking. The Highest Level of IG6
  3. The Best Source of Colostrum
  4. The Most Sophisticated Manufacturing Process


Strengthens the immune system

Hinders development of illnesses

Aids cell regeneration and tissue repair to hasten recovery

Anti-inflammatory and contains immune enhancers