Kington Isotonic

Restore Your Body’s Mineral Balance

Kington Isotonic is a marine solution harvested from an Exclusive Plankton Bloom Vortex formation in an unpolluted part of the ocean.

Containing 78 types of bioavailable minerals, Kington Isotonic is processed through a propriety process to preserve its natural composition that helps restore our internal terrain back to a balanced state and improve overall cellular health.

A Balanced Internal Terrain is Fundamental to Good Health

There are 60 trillion cells in the human body. These cells are constantly communicating, replicating and renewing themselves. All of these activities take place in our internal terrain! Our internal terrain comprises fluids in more than 12 major areas of the body including our blood plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, saliva, intestinal fluid, gastric juice and amniotic fluid and is vital to providing a constant and balanced environment for cellular communication, repair and replication.

An imbalanced internal terrain will lead to:

  • Damaged DNA and chromosomes
  • Breakdown in cell communication
  • Cell renewal and replication error

Restoring the Mineral Balance in Our Internal Terrain with Kington Isotonic

FEATURE 1 –  78 Types of Bioavailable
Kington Isotonic contains 78 types of bioavailable minerals that help to rapidly restore depleted minerals in our body.

FEATURE  2 – Crystalloid Minerals
The trace minerals in Kington Isotonic are in Crystalloid form that is 50,000 times smaller than ordinary minerals, thereby facilitating direct absorption into our body.

FEATURE  3 – Perfect Match with Blood Plasma
Kington Isotonic’s composition almost perfectly matches the human body’s blood plasma and extracellular fluid, thus it greatly assists to increase the amount of trace elements in our blood plasma.

FEATURE  4 – Contains Electromagnetic Energy
Studies have shown that the trace minerals in Kington Isotonic help to promote cellular communication and renewal.

FEATURE 5 –  Natural without Chemicals
Kington Isotonic is sealed in special glass vials using the state-of-the-art cold sterilization technology in a pharmaceutical-grade facility. It is not subjected to U.V. radiation and is 100% pure.


Kington Isotonic delivers life-enriching seawater nutrients to the body for overall improved health and well-being.

Restores the internal terrain to a balanced state

Modulates the immune system to improve the physical and mental status in the elderly

Assists in boosting the activity of white blood cells

Improves overall cellular health

Maintains healthy red blood cells