Core Values

As a company that focuses in the betterment of the lives around us, our core values shape our culture and help us endeavour to continue enlighten, educate, and empower our employees, distributors and business partners.

Q · I · R · P · I


Quality is a key element to Elken’s business. Certified with ISO9002, the most trusted corporate management certification in the world, Elken emphasises on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, streamlined processes, transparency and mutual gain – permeating all levels of operations.


Elken prides itself for the integrity in its culture and operations with processes strictly transparent and systematic, to maintain the highest quality of product quality controls, administrative procedures, and incentives and salaries to its distributors and employees.


Elken values the differences in the experiences and voices of all individuals. Elken’s strength lies in unity through understanding and communication and this mutual respect is a core DNA practised in Elken in every endeavour.


Passion drives and inspires the people at Elken. Employees are always eager to learn new things, and distributors are passionate in growing their business.


Innovation and growth is a mindset instilled in each individual at Elken. It is the willingness to accept change and to do things differently to make things better that spurs Elken to continuously innovate year after year.

Heart-to-Heart Culture

Elken established itself as a corporation that created a sense of belonging for distributors by building a culture that made them feel completely at home. The company fostered a genuine closeness throughout all levels of the organisation from the highest echelon to entry-level employees. This eventually evolved into Elken’s heart-to-heart culture – a culture that emphasises on the unity of two hearts braving all difficulties and challenges hand in hand, heart to heart.

Evolution into a Successful Global Company

With the establishment of a solid foundation, Elken rapidly flourished, outpacing its competitors as well as bigger, long-established companies in four years. Elken have continued growing and evolving since then, replacing old thinking with new methodologies and concepts, and invested heavily into acquiring essential resources and knowledge and nurturing its talents. Today, the company has established operations in 45 countries with millions of customers around the world. Elken also made it to be among the top 50 in the world, according to US Direct Selling news (DSN).