Powerful Immune Modulator

ELFAHEX contains a patented ingredient, Mycelium Immuno Modulator Extract, or also known as MIME, that is extracted from mushrooms, that has been researched to possess a high potency of polysaccharides in the form of ACETYLATED alpha-glucan.

If our immune system is over-reactive – our body may attack harmless external substances and internal healthy cells which causes allergies and autoimmune disorders.

If our immune system is under-reactive, our body may not be able to fight against external invaders which cause infections and unable to destroy abnormal cells that developed internally which cause tumours.

Boost your immunity against unseen threats with ElfaHex! ElfaHex contains MIME, a strong immune modulator that helps to stabilise your immunity against internal immune disorders and external invaders.

MIME is extracted from a special type of SUPER MUSHROOM which has the highest potency of polysaccharides in the form of ACETYLATED alpha-glucan and has been studied by more than 100 universities and is widely used by over 700 clinics and hospitals worldwide.


Helps to improve allergies, respiratory problems and sinusitis

Helps to improve autoimmune disorders

Helps to improve infections, promote faster recovery

Helps to inhibit abnormal cell growth