Elysyle Charms Lingerie

Shape The Perfect Charm

Experience the true expression of beauty and allure with Elysyle’s 360° Body Perfection. With its delicate French lace, intricate hand-carved cameos and dualtoned details, Charms’ brilliant craftsmanship accentuates your curves and conveys a sense of timeless class.

CHARMS Brassiere Irregular

An inventive new design with a 3-dimensional soft cup bra enhances the natural curvature of the bust and prevents distortion after wash; allowing a more generous side of you to show.

CHARMS Waist Nipper

CHARMS Waist Nipper comes with a design to hold and amplify all the right curves, attention is drawn to a smaller waistline which is the signature of every glamorous bombshell.

CHARMS Body Shaper

CHARMS Body Shaper is designed to shape and hold even your spine to create a better posture so that your lines come out ever more elegant and sophisticated.

CHARMS Long Girdle

Nothing beckons so seductively as a firm and tight posterior. Charms Long Girdle’s superior lift and hold technology promises the shaping of a sublime temptation.

Elysyle Arm Shaper

Combining luxurious textures with functional style and revolutionary technology, Elysyle Arm Shaper delivers visible results. Look slimmer and sleeker without having to resort to invasive techniques to hide or get rid of flabby upper arms.

CHARMS Panties

Innovative Miraculous fabric with built-in pH neutralizing properties that help to minimise any unpleasant odour

CHARMS Bust Pad (Set of 2)


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Excellent Craftsmanship with 99 experienced seamstresses, 209 stitching processes and 280 pieces of superb quality fabric
  • Use of power-net materials made with a tripod-shaped thread allows maximum moisture absorption.
  • New inventive anti-moisture fabric delivers a drying speed two times higher than cotton
  • Delicate yet durable with Japan’s Patented Lace Making Technology that helps to prevent loose threading