Guasa Board

Ancient Remedies for Modern Ailments

Guasa Board is used in an oriental massage therapy to promote blood circulation and general well-being.

Guasa Therapy

An ancient treatment that involves scraping certain areas of the body, has brought relief for a host of ailments for thousands of years. Guasa therapy can help pinpoint weak organ systems or areas of concern in the body. The toxins released during this therapy show up in the form of ‘sha’ or red splotches.

Just 5 minutes of Guasa action every day to enhance blood circulation!
Step 1 – Apply Arosa Oil
Step 2 – Hold the Guasa Board slantingly at 45°, then scrape the skin surface until red patches appear

A revolutionary combination of manipulation (Guasa) and moxibustion

The act of scraping does not injure skin or conduct heat or electricity

Comes with elegant design, lightweight and portable

Easy to learn and can be performed anywhere, anytime


Increase oxygen supply to vital organs by promoting blood circulation

Activate and strengthen the body systems

Calm emotions and soothe nerves

Promote overall well-being