Patented Non-Acidic Vitamin C

Ester-C 500 Plus is easily absorbed thus it helps to supplement Vitamin C to the body. Vitamin C is an antioxidant needed for maintaining healthy bones, teeth and gums.

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KKLIU 0013/2021


non-acidic Vitamin C

Easily absorbed

to help assimilate the Vitamin C throughout the body


suitable for those with gastric issues

Suitable for

children, adults, and the elderly

2x higher absorption rate

and 4x higher efficacy compared to ordinary Vitamin C

No added

sugar or artificial flavouring, colouring and no preservatives


One of the essential nutrients that must be consumed on a daily basis. Ester-C 500 Plus:
Helps neutralises free radicals that damage body cells
Helps to repair tissues
Helps to strengthen the immune system and protects cells against viral infections and abnormal cells
Helps to promote the absorption of iron, calcium and magnesium which are important components in the formation of collagen, connecting tissue, and healthy cartilage