Quantum Respi Wristband

Powered By BIQM Technology

A unique wristband that uses proprietary nano-technology to embed specific frequencies that is designed to work with the body’s natural field for balance, strength and flexibility.

Bringing Technology To Your Wrist

Working together with a renowned research company with over 20 years of study in the field of bio-information, covering over 30,000 types of bio-information.

Exclusive Technology, BIQM (Bio-information Quantum Messaging)

BIQM is a messaging delivery solution which uses a proprietary technology that embeds, stores & emits the specific bio-information into your body to harmonise your body’s bio-information and synchronise your body’s functions.

4 Action on how BIQM harmonise your body bio-information

  1. BIQM securely EMBED the harmonious bio-information in the proprietary nanochip technology.
  2. TARGET the inharmonic bio-information in our body.
  3. DELIVER & HARNESS the specific bio-information in our body.
  4. SYNCHRONISE & EMIT the harmonious bio-information to restore our body function.


The Elken Quantum Respi Wristband comes with Bio-information Quantum Messaging (BIQM), to boost and harmonise your natural field through bio-information. Bio-information is the frequency of the basic particle that composes all materials in the Quantum particle. It is also known as Quantum Frequency. When you are in perfect health, every part of your body vibrates in a harmonious frequency. Conversely, when your resonance is disturbed, your body begins to break down and you become vulnerable to a variety of ailments and diseases.

Silicone and Stainless Steel

Size S – 17.5cm

Size M – 19.5cm

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