Elysyle Intimo

Extra Feminine Care

You can rest assured that the inconveniences and discomfort will simply melt away.

Intimo - Extra Feminine Care
This innovative OX toothbrush has a compact head and charcoal spiral floss bristles that includes longer top bristles that are more compact to provide the best protection for enamel and gums as well as effectively remove plaque in hard to reach areas. It also provides a better hand grip with its ergonomic grip handle. And with its tongue cleaner to remove bacteria from the surface of the tongue, this toothbrush helps to maintain good oral health and hygiene.

Intimo Panty Liner

Give you maximum daily freshness

Intimo Sanitary Napkin (Day Use)

Feel the Cooling Sensation with Exclusive 5 Herbal Essences Blend while providing maximum leakage protection.

Intimo Sanitary Napkin (Night Use)

Provide exceptional protection during period nights.


Intimo Extra Feminine Care - Anti-bacterial




Intimo Extra Feminine Care - Anti-infection


Intimo Extra Feminine Care - Anti-irritation