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UPII | Retards skin ageing at its source


UPII Double Cleansing (100g)

  • Dissolves water and oil-based impurities to remove dirt and make-up
  • Keeps skin soft and smooth
  • Retains skin moisture to leave skin feeling hydrated and refreshed

UPII Deep Care Conc (180ml)

  • Boost skin's optimum moisture levels
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Enhance skin radiance

UPII Balancing Lotion (150ml)

  • Maintains skin's ideal pH level
  • Protects skin against ageing
  • Prepares skin for the maximum absorption of moisturising and nourishing ingredients

UPII Essence Crème Lotion (80ml)

  • Deliver moisturising and nutritious ingredients to the cells
  • Provides anti-ageing protection and lasting hydration throughout the day


UPII Excellent Crème (25g)

  • Fortified with 4 times concentration of Genesteine-S and Bio Amino complex
  • Helps to repair and renew the skin during the night with nourishing active ingredients that helps to ;significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time

Elysyle UPII Massage Crème (80g)
Elysyle UPII Massage Crème is exclusively formulated to help promote skin’s self-repairing power and significantly reduce dryness & wrinkles, While providing your skin with a vitality charge. This luxurious yet soft touch massage crème with patented Genesteine-S is further fortified with 4 special active ingredients, leaving skin glowing with natural radiance, suppleness and elasticity from within.


Restores Youthful Energy
Derived from Japan’s premium Sakura flower that is known as Prunus Serrulata, Genesteine-S acts as a phytoestrogen. It penetrates into derma cells and combines with the estrogen receptor in cells for natural moisture and healthy new skin cells, thus slowing down the ageing process. 

The ultra-fine super micro-capsule technology delivers better penetration of Panex Ginseng Root Extract and Vitamin A Palmitate deep into the skin. Panex Ginseng Root Extract helps improve skin moisture and boosts skin resilience. Vitamin A Palmitate penetrates deep into skin dermis, dramatically increases skin renewal ability and strengthening the youth protein network, thus retaining a youthful appearance. 

Skin Protection
Biotechnologically developed yeast polysaccharide helps repair skin damaged by oxidation and external stress and reproduce new skin cells, thus enhancing protection against the ageing process. 

δ-Tocopherol is known as the most powerful antioxidant. It helps protect skin against the damaging effects of free radicals, helps to retard signs of ageing and helps to promote fine-textured and dewy-looking skin.

*100% free from artificial fragrance, mineral oil/lanolin, animal derivatives, sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium lauryl ether sulfate and parabens.

Tips: Facial massage is the best approach to reduce wrinkles and improve a dull complexion. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it also boosts waste elimination, promotes blood circulation and increases skin elasticity.


Based on a revolutionary technology developed after 12 years of Advanced Research on Anti-Ageing in its Japan Skincare Laboratories, Elysyle created UPII, a revolutionary anti-aging skincare line that retards skin ageing at its source.

UPII Total Anti-Ageing Skincare is formulated based on a powerful synergistic combination of patented Genesteine-S with a skin-affinities blend of Bio-Amino complex that works effectively to target skin ageing

UPII is your answer to younger looking skin.