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Rejuvene | Ageing Defence Skin Care System

Rejuvene Ageing Defence Skin Care System

Treats 1st Signs of Ageing

Rejuvene Day Emulsion
Milky day moisturising lotion that hydrates and moisturises skin, and improves skin suppleness, elasticity and texture.

JAPAN AGEING-DEFENCE TECHNOLOGY: Elysyle heralds a new era in the fight against early skin ageing with Rejuvene that targets the skin’s surface cells - where ageing starts first. With Japan Patent-Pending Kerato Complex and Ceramide Time-Release Smart Capsule, Rejuvene recharges skin with moisture and essential nutrients to defeat the first signs of ageing - 1st fine lines, early loss of firmness and skin dullness. It further strengthens the skin’s protective barrier for moisture retention and helps to prevents premature ageing.