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Elfahex | Powerful immune modulator



An extensive research was conducted to test hundreds of subspecies of medicinal mushrooms to identify which had the highest potency of polysaccharides (acetylated alpha-glucan). This resulted in the discovery of the mycelia extracted from the “Super Mushroom” Basidiomycota. ElfaHex contains this patented ingredient, MIME (Mycelium Immuno Modulator Extract), which is a strong immune modulator.

MIME is produced through a cultivation process patented in the US. This patented culturing process breaks down the molecular weight of MIME into 5,000 Daltons, thus making it highly bioavailable.  DNA Pattern Testing is then conducted to ensure that the quality of MIME is the same as the super mushroom.

A balanced immune system is the key to sound health. MIME can be included as part of a daily balanced diet as MIME helps to maintain the health of our immune system.

To date, MIME is widely used by over 700 hospitals and studied by more than 100 international colleges.  It has been used in more than 20 countries for over 20 years. Since 1992, over 400 doctors and researchers have been gathering in Japan annually to share the latest studies and research on MIME.

ElfaHex is suitable for teenagers (aged 12 years and above), adults, senior citizens and people with poor immunity. For preventive and maintenance purposes, the recommended consumption is 1 softgel in the morning and 1 softgel in the evening. ElfaHex is certified HALAL by IFANCA and is suitable for vegetarians.