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TY Prime | Health Starts by Knowing Your Genes


Health Starts by Knowing Your Genes 

Discover the unique you through your genes
Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all action plans
Start making informed decisions


Once in a Lifetime
With just 2ml of Saliva

You have the Why, We have the How.
For every little thing in life, we always think of the reason – WHY. 
Why some children grow healthily and focus better?
Why am I prone to allergy flare?
Why do I regain weight easily after losing them?
Why do I fall sick easily?

It is time to stop the guessing and live life to the fullest potential. Discover the true you once in a lifetime and start personalizing the way you eat and live at your fingertips.

TrueYou Prime
The most comprehensive DNA test with 11 categories and 84 science-based genetic reports which comes with interactive mobile app that enables you to access tailored information for individual needs at your fingertips.


Your Personalized Genetic Report includes:
*18 DNA parameters for Vitamins Report
*12 DNA parameters for Diet Report
*11 DNA parameters  for Physical Report
*6 DNA parameters for Sleep Report
*6 DNA parameters for Stress Report
*6 DNA parameters for Mental Wellness Report
*5 DNA parameters for Health Risks Report
*5 DNA parameters for Heart Health Report
*5 DNA parameters for Eye Health Report
*5 DNA parameters for Immunity Report
*5 DNA parameters for Gut Health Report

Not only that, TrueYou Prime also includes :
+ Lifestyle Questionnaire
+ Personalized Genetic Action Plan
+ Personalized Meal Guide
+ Personalized Product Recommendation
+ Interactive mobile app