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Detox Set | Eliminate to Illuminate


DT FENZ | General Detoxification of Body

This formulation contains 15 organic herbs that are traditionally used for general detoxification.
KKLIU: 2595/2016
DT KLENZ | Facilitates Bowel Movement
This formulation contains organic Rhubard, Fennel and Slippery Elm to help cleanse the colon and promote natural bowel movement.
KKLIU: 2596/2016
DT FIBER | Fiber Formulation for Detoxification
Containing soluble and insoluble fiber from organic Flax, Oat and Acacia Gum, this formulation helps remove toxins and regulate bowel movement.
KKLIU: 2598/2016
LV FENZ | Protect & Detoxify Liver
Contains herbs that are traditionally used as a liver tonic and which have a protective effect on liver cells.
KKLIU: 2599/2016
LV KLENZ | Traditional Liver Tonic
Contains ayurvedic herbs that are traditionally used to cleanse and nourish the liver.
KKLIU: 2594/2016