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Build You To Build Others

The extensive R&D consistency and quality put into products and services that we offer today have benefitted many lives, and have also grown aspiring entrepreneurs into successful business leaders. This is Elken. We build you to build others.

Pioneering Innovations & Opportunities

Elken’s vision of enriching lives begins with the extensive funding into our R&D for continuous innovations and solutions, to empower people and the future.

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Our History

Over 26 years of enriching lives together began with a humble beginning in a 3-storey office building.

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Responsibility to the Community

Elken’s responsibility lies not only in its products and services, but also its way of giving back to the community.

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Our state-of-the-art DNA profiling service that enables you to access, understand, and benefit from your genetic information.

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Keep your water pure, and food clean from contaminants, with our range of water purifiers and plasma detoxifier.

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Award-winning health supplements to keep you physically healthy and energised all day.

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Our wide array of skincare, body shaping, and beauty food to keep you looking great and sharp for any occasion.

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Everyday consumables from oral, hygiene, and body care, to household items that keeps your home sparkling clean.

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