No Preferred Sponsor (Upline) Terms and Conditions
  1. If no sponsor (upline) is indicated, you are required to contact Elken Customer Service to update your preferred sponsor (upline) within 3 months from e-registration date.

  2. If no response from you after 3 months, Elken Customer Service will assign a sponsor (upline) to you and no change thereafter is allowed.
    No Preferred Sponsor (Upline) Terms and Conditions.

Online / Giro payment Terms and Conditions.
  1. Applicable for all banks in Singapore. Brunei bank only HSBC. In Malaysia, only applicable for all local banks and selected overseas bank (Citibank Berhad, OCBC, UOB, HSBC Bank and Standard Chartered Bank)

  2. Bank charges per transaction are based on prevailing rate as determined by the respective bank.

  3. Please attach a copy of passbook (where applicable) for verification.

  4. Elken will not be responsible for any direct/indirect consequences arising from the use of GIRO / other mode of payment issued pursuant to this contract or any time thereafter.

  5. Please ensure bank account number is correct. Elken will not be liable for any loss or damage and/or costs and expenses incurred as a result of incorrect information given.

Elken Club Subscription Terms and Conditions


  1. I hereby agree to subscribe to Elken Club and authorize ELKEN to deduct the annual subscription fee whether in part or full from my account commencing 6 months before the expiry date of my subscription. ELKEN reserves the right to review the renewal subscription at anytime by giving one (1) month notice through Elken Club.

  2. Note : Application must be by natural person, not a company or organization. Applications using company's name or any name other than personal name will not be processed. ELKEN reserves the right whether to approve or reject this application.

Membership Terms and Conditions
  1. Applicant must be 18 years of the age and above.

  2. Upon Elken accepting the applicant to be Elken's distributor, the applicant will automatically be recognized as a distributor of Elken and the distributorship will remain valid as long as distributor abide by and conform to the Elken Distributor Rules & Regulations as stated in Elken Distributor's Business Manual.

  3. Distributor has studied the Elken Distributor's Business Manual as well as the Direct Selling Act and distributor agrees to abide by all the operational procedures, rules & regulations therein stated. Distributor acknowledges that any violation of the Terms of Agreement, the Elken Distributor's Code and Ethics, Rules and Regulations or any obligations distributor may have with Elken, may result in the termination of the distributorship or other disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the Elken Management.

  4. Distributorship will be terminated if there is no minimum purchase of the require SV over 12 months without notice. Should the distributor wish to renew his/her distributorship in Elken, he/she is required to submit a new application.

  5. Termination of a distributorship for whatsoever reason(s) in any country, whether in the First Country or any Host Countries, will automatically result in the termination of distributorship in all countries whereupon all benefits, privileges and recognition of the distributor shall cease immediately.

  6. In the process of sponsoring new recruits and promoting Elken's products, distributor shall not violate the Direct Selling Act and induce customers by quoting exceptional example, misappropriate money of downline, distributor or customers, or accept any form of corrupt offers.

  7. Without prior approval from Elken Management, distributor shall refrain from:
    a) Promoting Elken's products and/or Elken activities through any form of the advertisement; or
    b) Recruiting new distributor through media.

  8. Elken reserves the right to accept or reject any application form for any reason at its discretion including applications that contain incomplete, inaccurate, false or misleading information. Any alteration or modifications will be subjected to verification.

  9. Distributors are solely responsible for the compliance with applicable taxation requirements.

  10. At any time, the distributor's action or conduct must not damage Elken's interest and reputations.

  11. Distributor has to renew the annual subscription of Elken Club, where applicable, at the prevailing rate determined by the respective countries through direct payment at the respective Host Country offices.

  12. Upon registration of a distributorship in a Host Country, the distributor will be accorded the same status as in the First Country. However, distributors have to fulfil local qualification criteria to enjoy the benefits, privileges and recognitions of Host Country.

  13. To ensure strict business and the legal requirements of the respective countries, Elken prohibits distributors from the retailing of Elken's product from First Country products in any Host Countries and vice versa not withstanding distributor in the respective countries.

  14. The laws of Malaysia shall govern this Agreement.

  15. Distributor agree to keep abreast and be bound by all changes and updates.

  16. Elken reserves the rights to amend the Terms of Agreement and Elken Distributor Business Manual without any prior notice or explanation.

Elken Distributors' Rules & Regulations (R&R).
  1. Refer to Rules & Regulations (R&R) page.

Global Elken Multi-Income System (GEMS) Rules & Regulations.
  1. GEMS shall apply to all valid distributors in all countries.

  2. Host Country Notification Form

    To expand your Elken's business internationally, you are required to activate your Global ID. Prior to conducting business in the Host Country, a Host Country Notification Form is required to be submitted to any Elken Branch.

    a) There is no registration fee for Host Country Notification.

    b) Host Country Notification Form can be purchased at any Elken Office.

    c) All Host Country Notification Form uses the original First Country's Global ID.

    d) No membership card will be given for Host Country Notification.

  3. Family Tree

    Line(s) of sponsorship and family tree in first country shall be preserved in Host Country.

  4. First Country and Host Country

    i) First Country is where an individual/couple first registered as Elken distributor(s).

    ii) Any country, other than First Country, is a Host Country. There can be more than one (1) Host Country for any distributor.

  5. Responsibilities of Distributors in Conducting Elken Business Overseas Distributors are to adhere to any requirements and restrictions on conducting business, taxation, work and business permit needs, etc. and to conduct their operations within the legal framework of law at the Host Country(ies) at all time.

    i) As a foreigner in Host Countries, distributors will be subjected to local taxes and he/she must pay income tax. Distributors operating in most countries are subjected to withholding taxes.

    ii) In countries where the law forbids a foreigner from being involved in any form of trading, distributors must restrict their activities to the sponsoring of new Distributors only.

    iii) Termination of distributorship for whatsoever reason(s) in the First Country will automatically result in termination of all distributorships in other Host Country (ies). All benefits, privileges and recognitions shall cease immediately.

    iv) In countries where there are legal requirements and restrictions on printed materials and product claims, distributors are required to check with local authorities prior to sending such materials.

  6. Elken's Marketing Plan

    i) The existing terms and conditions of the Marketing Plan remain unchanged in Elken Distributor's Business Manual for all countries, except when there may be some minor differences in the Marketing Plan from country to country to reflect local market conditions.

    ii) Distributors have to fulfill the local qualification criteria to enjoy benefits, privileges and recognition in the respective Host Country (ies).

    iii) All qualification, recognition and reward for Distributors in each country are based on the qualification of local legs.

    iv) Qualified Manager line(s) built in one country is/are not transferable to another country and is/are viewed as separate entity.

    v) A qualified Manager who is at least an ESM (in the current month) is entitled to use the additional qualifying leg(s) in all Host Countries to calculate his/her Leadership Bonus in his/her First Country. However, these additional qualifying legs in Host Countries must be new legs and not duplication of those in the First Country.

  7. Distributors are not allowed to retail Elken's products from his/her First Country in any Host Country and vice-versa due to strict business and legal requirements of respective countries.

  8. Correspondences And Statements

    Host Country (ies) will send monthly commissions and other mailing materials to a local address in the respective Host Country(ies) in accordance with the details submitted in the Host Country Notification Form by distributors.

  9. The Laws of Malaysia shall govern all agreements and any addendum to the Rules & Regulations from time to time.

  10. Rules & Regulations in the Elken Distributors' Business Manual shall be applicable and relevant unless expressly superseded by any other rules and regulations mentioned herein. 

Elken reserves the right to nullify the contract should it later be discovered that such information is incorrect.

The Elken Distributors’ Rules & Regulations in their present form and as amended from time to time by the Company shall form an integral part of the Distributor e-registration and constitute part of the contract between the Company and the distributor .