ELKEN salutes these distributors, and the thousands more, who have achieved success and self-actualised their dreams through the ELKEN way. By following our proven ELKEN System Education faithfully, everyone can be a winner in one way or another, whether you are seeking better health, financial freedom, time freedom or peer recognition.


Born in the Middle of Vietnam, since left the army, I had a dream to get a successful life, to have a happyfamily and have condition to give my parent an affluent and happy life. Starting my business for 11 years, I’ve works a lot of jobs. More successful, more failed. At the beginningof 2013, I decided to marry, a rolling stone gathers no moss, I delayed all my own business, took my all free time to rest, appreciated myself, tried to change my mind, and that's the reason I was starting to read and know about Elken. I decided come Elken and I knew it would be the way to help my dream come true. I started up my plans, set goals and commit with absolute confidence that I would be succeed. I had a strong belief, so, I worked with all my energy and eager all the time, it made the habit in me and developed into love and passion for my job. I always joined in company’s direct training sessions to equipmy knowledge , skills for job. Besides, I often opened seminars to train and develop personnel’s knowledge and experience,so, they will work together easy, closely and they build and develop a sustainable system and grow like today. I am always trust about one thing, if you want your business opportunities into a real job and successfully, you must overcome a lot of difficulties and obstacles, butafter that, success will come for someone who has always tried best themselves.