ELKEN salutes these distributors, and the thousands more, who have achieved success and self-actualised their dreams through the ELKEN way. By following our proven ELKEN System Education faithfully, everyone can be a winner in one way or another, whether you are seeking better health, financial freedom, time freedom or peer recognition.


Powered by Dreams.


A childhood friend introduced Elken’s MRT Concept to the couple and since then, their lives were never the same again. She fulfilled her dream of having her own child. They now have a blissful family with 3 children. Intrigued by Elken products, she started studying on Elken business.

She juggled between her hectic job in a Forex company and family. Things needed a change if she wished to have more time with her family. At then, she decided to build her full time career in Elken. Her small social circle was very small and she had a tough time building her network. All thanks to the various workshops, system trainings, seminars and events, she picked up the skills to expand her network both in Singapore and Malaysia.

Soon, her business started to grow and it caught the attention of her brother and sister-in-law. Both were chartered accountants but they saw the huge potential in Elken business. Success is even sweeter when the team moved together with her towards their goals and dreams.

As the 10th MCCM in Singapore, they are enjoying both time freedom and material fulfilment.  To date, they had travelled to more than 20 countries with Elken. They are none other than MCCM Low Siang Hong Cindy and Chow Tuck Wai David.





Even she was just an ordinary housewife, she joined and invested in 5 different MLM companies in the past 20 years. However, none of the companies had a good marketing plan, and she was not earning an sustainable income from these companies.

At the juncture of quitting, her sister introduced Elken to her. She started by consuming the products and there was a remarkable improvement in family members’ health. Gaining confidence in Elken products, she started sharing the benefits of Elken’s products to others. She also mastered Elken’s marketing plan and system education through weekly meetings, seminars and events.

In just 18 months, not only did she achieve her Crown Council Member stats, she also qualified for Elken’s 9 Benefits. She now gets the opportunity to travel around the world for FREE! She believes “never giving up, success is just around the corner”. This ordinary housewife is now enjoying an extraordinary lifestyle. She is none other than CCM Pauline Phua Hiang Eng.


MCCM Suriyani Bte Mohd Yasir & Norzehan B. Abbas

Our Members’ Success is Our Achievement.


Thanks to the powerful R.O. Water Purification System and Elken Spirulina, he soon finds that he is no longer suffering from tonsillitis and stomach lesion. Armed with confidence, he attended the New Distributor Training and he realised many from different background, including professionals gave up their careers to run Elken Business. He saw Elken’s potential to generate passive income and that it was more than just a housewife business.

The fact that their uplines were far away in Malaysia was not an obstacle. They often sought advice from successful Elken leaders and did fieldwork with their downlines. Within one and a half years, they achieved the DCM status and earned a 5-figure income.

The beauty of Elken’s culture is that they always had encouragement and support from their uplines as well as sidelines. This eventually helped them transform from ordinary people lacking in self-confidence into high-calibre speakers at Elken. With confidence, diligence, perseverance and sincerity, their network kept expanding.

Once they were a real estate agent and an assistant engineer, now they are running the Elken business full-time, carrying the honour of being the first Malay MCCM in Singapore. They are none other than MCCM Norzehan Bin Abbas dan Suriyani Bte Mohd Yasir.

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