Established in 1997, Elken Singapore has grown to be one of the most well-known network marketing companies in the region with strongholds in nine countries throughout Asia Pacific, namely Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore.

Throughout its history, Elken’s mission has always been to enrich lives. Its unwavering pursuit of its brand promise “Elken builds you. To build others.” has nurtured millions of people by building various aspects of their lives, including their health, personal development, confidence, financial well-being, careers and families. And many Elken members, in turn, have gone on to build other people, thus touching countless lives in a meaningful way.

Another unique aspect of Elken is our belief in knowledge empowerment. More than 2,000 ISO-registered training events based on Elken’s proven System Education are held annually to build knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial spirit of distributors and subsequently propagate such insights to others.

Elken Singapore aims to provide the best facilities and services. At Elken, all Elkenians receive extended support and enjoy world-class conveniences like members’ lounges, multi-purpose training facilities and EK One, a flagship one-stop retail store as well as 2 stockist centres, allowing expertise sharing, mutual learning and skill transfer.

Today, Elken’s success lies on its distinctive holistic health and beauty concept. The unique Elken Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) emphasizes on 4 critical life elements to achieve optimal health: balanced nutrition; sufficient oxygen intake; detoxification and health regulation; while the Elken Total Beauty Concept focuses on bringing out the best of one’s own beauty from the top to toe, inside out.

Elken’s GMP factory specializes in health products while Elken Bio Pure is the only purification system (R.O.) in Asia to be awarded the WQA S-300 Gold Seal, one of only 4 recipients worldwide. This top-range system has also bagged a medal at the 36th International Geneva Exhibition, the Reader’s Digest Gold Trusted Brand award for 3 consecutive years and was recently awarded the prized Frost & Sullivan 2012 Best practices Awards for Product Line Strategy and Customer Service Leadership in Asia Pacific. Elken Service, the after-sales service team, also boasts the largest R.O. service team in South East Asia.

Elken's best-selling and most well-known product is undoubtedly Elken Spirulina, which has been showered with 10 international accolades, including the Japan Health Food Association (JHFA) certification and the Golden Award of Excellent Food Evaluation in Taiwan.

Recognising its corporate responsibility, Elken holds various activities to serve and build the community. Apart from that, Elken Foundation, the community arm of Elken, also actively sponsors various charitable programmes and contributes to international causes to alleviate poverty, foster self-reliance and empower the disadvantaged and underprivileged as well as to promote oriental art and culture through research, education and public exhibitions.