ELKEN salutes these distributors, and the thousands more, who have achieved success and self-actualised their dreams through the ELKEN way. By following our proven ELKEN System Education faithfully, everyone can be a winner in one way or another, whether you are seeking better health, financial freedom, time freedom or peer recognition.


Persevere towards the goals and give yourself a chance to realize your dreams
I was born into a poor family in the countryside and my education did not go beyond the primary level. As a child, I started tapping rubber together with my parents to make a living. Then I went to work in a factory before becoming a beautician in Singapore, where I got married and obtained a permanent resident status. Having been introduced by my younger sister to Elken Spirulina, which had remarkably improved the health of my family and myself, I started introducing Elken products to others with passion and enthusiasm. As I did not have a driving license then, I always took a bus or rode on a bicycle to different parts of Singapore whenever I was free to share the Elken opportunity with others or to deliver Elken products to my clients.
I have learnt a lot of valuable knowledge and interpersonal skills from Elken's simple and practical System Education as well as from its teamwork culture and proactive corporate environment. My self-confidence has also improved significantly as compared with the past. Although I am not fluent in Malay, I have managed to build a Malay network in Singapore by making use of the tools and activities available in the company.
With 200% power through the advice from the uplines, the cooperation of the Malay team members and by working together with my husband, we have succeeded to achieve one milestone after another in our Elken business. In fact in Elken, you will not fail to achieve success as long as you have the will to succeed. Here, your education level, skills, money and social circle are not the most important criteria for success. Hard work and effort can overcome all the obstacles. It is perseverance that is the key to success!



Although she was just an ordinary housewife, she had joined and invested in 5 different MLM companies in the past 20 years. However, as none of the companies had a good marketing plan, her performance was mediocre. She became filled with doubts and considered leaving this business.
At this juncture, her sister introduced Elken’s System Education and marketing plan to her, and she and her family started consuming Elken products. Their remarkable improvement in health deepened her conviction and she started introducing Elken products to others. She developed her Elken business by attending weekly meetings, seminars and events. Many Elken leaders gave her guidance, encouragement and support even as she was spurred on and inspired by their successes and the successes of her uplines.
She closely studied and mastered the Elken marketing plan and within 18 months, achieved Crown Manager status. She also achieved Elken’s Travelling fund and Beauty Seminars which gave her the opportunity to travel throughout Asia and Europe. Her belief in “never giving up hopes as success is just around the corner” has transformed this ordinary housewife into an extraordinary high achiever. She is none other than CCM Pauline Phua Hiang Eng & Lim Chew Kwan.

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