Be a part of Elken, one of Malaysia’s Top 5 "Best People Developer"

With an Elken business, you can reap great benefits under Elken’s Marketing Plan, which is considered one of the best marketing plans in the industry and the most powerful mechanism for considerable income generation and rewards.

Besides lucrative retail profits, you will be entitled to substantial bonuses up to 71%!! This is considered the industry’s top, at least in Malaysia.

Other extra bonuses include the performance bonus, manager bonus, manager achievement bonus, leadership bonus, year end bonus, car fund, house fund and even a travelling fund!

In addition to the flexible promotion system, you will receive a special incentive every time you are promoted. Under Elken’s Business Plan, you start as a distributor and work your way up to manager, ruby, emerald, diamond and finally crown status!

On top of that, you can share your success with thousands of members on the stage while receiving your award during Crown Nite, Regional Award Nite and Winners’ Nite.