ELKEN salutes these distributors, and the thousands more, who have achieved success and self-actualised their dreams through the ELKEN way. By following our proven ELKEN System Education faithfully, everyone can be a winner in one way or another, whether you are seeking better health, financial freedom, time freedom or peer recognition.

Samson Yip and Candy Yau - Double Crown Manager/ CCM

This is our 10th year in Elken. We really thank God for watching us in the past years, as we have achieved to be one of the highest ranks in Elken – DCM. After years of hard work, we now have our own consultation center, guasa therapy centre and cosmetic center in China, plus a big sales team behind. This is a result of the support from our partners and the great time and effort from Elken. Elken taught us about treating people with unconditional love, keep learning and leading. Today, we already have 15 partners who are already obtained qualification of high-level of nutritionist in China. And I, Samson Yip, also completed the qualification of naturopathy. Elken guides our team to be more professional than ever.

In Elken, we learned things from the beginning; you have to put effort from marketing to expanding the consumer base. By the time you have your own sales team, you have to learn how to boost up the team spirit and how to manage the team, that's what we love Elken about. As a leader, we have to be contained and love, know how to build up a team, and fully trust and tie-in with Elken. Our work is to motivate others, the best way is to become a role model. We have helped many to regain their health by using guasa therapy and MRT method, plus Elken is ambitious on expanding the market in Hong Kong and China, to be part of Elken is my best decision in my life. I will keep up and work hard in the future; one day I will become a member of MCCM. ​

Ann Hoi & Chiu Kit Wa - Senior Crown Manager/ CCM

We are Ann Hoi and Chiu Kit Wa, it is our honor to share our feeling of becoming a DCM. We joined Elken in year 2000, at that time, my 87 years old mother who had been ill for more than 20 years (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high urine acid, and high cholesterol), and her body started shrinking. I started to approach Elken's products, attend their meetings, let my mom tried their products, since then her health was recovered.

During those five years, I was from very resisted and now totally devoted into this business. I would like to thank Elken for their great system training and the staffs' full support; MCCM Kenny Yaw for frequently travel to China to expand the business; also leaders MCCM Francis Chia and his wife, Samson and Candy, Wan Suet Yee and Becky Poon…. With their great leadership, my business enjoys a rapid growth.

I realize in order make this business success and have great income, I have to set a target and devote all effort into it; be insistence and don't give up. Also the power of love, loyal and trust, these help my business grow. I treat every downline equally and never give up on them.

Whenever I encounter into problem, I will totally believe my leaders will give me a right solution. Get help and learn from others when needed, this is how I shorten my time to achieve success in Elken. Also, you have to willingly to devote unconditionally, and become a role model to pass on the system training to others.

There are already three CCM in my network; I believe I will keep up and walk along with Elken and grow together, because I know I am on the right path.

Ou Hui Ming - Senior Crown Manager/ CCM

I truly thank God from the deepest of my heart of brought Elken and I together. In the past 8 years, it was my mission to promote my store by letting more people learn about Elken's MRT concept. I run my business with persistence, insistence and passion, with having Elken as my partner. Today, I am acknowledged by people around me thanks to the great products produced by Elken; also to all my teachers and mentors from Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, for their full support in mainland market. I would like to thank each and every staff in Hong Kong office, without their support, I will never achieve where I am today. With their excellent management structure, they gave us a full confidence on expanding Elken's market in China.

Today, through Elken's system training, I gain more confident to work and expand in this business. I acquired "Certificate of High-Level Cosmetologist" and "Certificate of High-Level Guasa Therapist" granted from Chinese government. I was also granted car fund, house fund, and became a qualified stockist. With my great knowledge and experience, I am now a teacher of many students. I got all these achievements by learning from my mentors and teachers.

I will keep learning the experience from my teachers. Combining with the market strategy that suits in China, I will serve and teach my team member in order for them to serve other customers. By letting more people to know and acknowledge Elken, I believe Elken's business will gain an advantage not only in China, but also other countries in a foreseeable future.

To my Elken partners, let's keep going on our business! Lastly, I am thankful for Elken giving family, my friends and me a wonderful life.