Great Financial Rewards • A Welcome Transformation • Vast Opportunities • A Chance To Share, Touch Lives & Make A Difference

Why settle for average earnings when you can enjoy  much more? When you run your own business, the sky is the limit. From a substantial annual income to a wide social circle – you name it, you’ve got it! Here are what Elken members enjoy:

Flexibility – through working from the living room at home or hosting meetings in state-of-the-art boardrooms provided by the company anytime you wish.

More Time – to spend with the children and not miss out on their growing up or to devote to making it a full-time business. You decide your time.

Freedom of Choice – When you work for someone, they determine your work hours, your salary and often, your career path. At Elken, you create your own job scope – run your own business, hold inventories or concentrate, building people or selling Elken’s success with others. You have a choice of doing what you do best.

Substantial Income Potential – Share the opportunities with your family and friends, be a great mentor for greater financial rewards. Elken pays top commissions. Your potential is driven by your goals and determination.

Long Term Job Security – Did we already mention that Elken is a one of the leading direct selling companies in Asia Pacific? With a decade-and a-half of expertise in building people and a reputation for the highest quality products, you can be assured of sustained support and success with none of the risks common to the less established and new entrants in the direct selling industry.

Health – If you enjoy ice-creams and pizza once in while, go ahead and indulge. You can still enjoy a healthy life with Elken's award-winning health products. After all, Elken’s product portfolio is based on the concept of cellular health, which means you take what you really need, not buy what you don’t!

Fulfilment – In addition to great health and income potential, you will be helping others take charge of their own lives and that, as many can testify, will bring about great satisfaction and fulfilment. That’s what Elken’s brand promise “Builds You To Build Others” is all about.

Exclusive Opportunities – Shop all you want! While enjoying great product discounts, you get paid commissions too.
Here’s your chance to have a balanced lifestyle of family and work at the same time. If you are looking for a job that also allows travelling, then seek no more. Create your own opportunity for advancement by becoming an Elken member today!