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Support from a reputable Head Office

Elken Hong Kong enjoys undisputable support of our Head Office, a Top 10 direct selling company in Malaysia. Our Distributors' venture with us is a truly rewarding experience as our Head Office is one of Malaysia 's Top 5 Best People Developers. We offer the very same generous compensation plan as documented in Elken Double Bonus Marketing Plan, and enjoy the leverage of skill and expertise of Elken Head Office in every aspect of our management and operations.


Leverage on an ISO:9001 certified Head Office

Elken Hong Kong benefits from the professional Head Office management that complies with the world-class ISO9001. In addition, our practice of Best Management Practices set a solid platform for duplication of expertise, skill and systems into Elken Hong Kong and all country where Elken operates.


Global Opportunity, Global Network

Elken Hong Kong forms part of the Elken network that spans the international arena. Our opportunity is one of a seamless and equitable measure that transcends geographical boundaries. Everyone, regardless of sex, race, age, economical or educational background is offered the same Elken Opportunity that has been proven for thousands across this region.


Most diverse range of World-Class Products

Elken Hong Kong Distributors carry with them the exclusivity of a more than 200 quality products. Our products portfolio falls into 5 main categories, i.e. Health Care, Bio Pure R.O. Purification System, Skin Care & Beauty, Foundation Lingerie and FMCG. Our Health Care range has won numerous international awards from impartial, certification bodies and our aim is to provide a better solution to global health.