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  • By The Time Your Vision Blurs, It May Be Irreversible Keeping Cataract & AMD At Bay
  • You May Be Healthy But Is Your Colon Wasting Away?
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  • Does Your Body Need An Extra O2 Boost?

  • As we age, our body\'s ability to produce enzymes decreases. Research has shown that from age 20 years onwards, our body\'s enzyme production decreases by 13% every 10 years*. By age 40, our enzyme production could be 25% lower and by age 70, we could be producing only 1/3 of the enzymes we need. Enzyme deficiency raises a lot of health issues, from non-threatening conditions such as fatigue and the inability to lose weight, diarrhoea, acne, back pain, depression, constipation, sinus diseases and weak immune system to serious life-threatening problems such as impaired organ functions or even organ failure.
    Reasons for enzyme deficiency
    • Advancing age
    • Diet – enzymes in cooked and processed food are often destroyed as they cannot withstand high temperatures.
    • Lack of exercise – our modern sedentary lifestyle causes deficiency in enzyme production.
    • Environmental pollution continuously causes cellular damage, resulting in enzymes having to work harder to repair the damage.
    • Smoking: Research has shown that smoking destroys a key enzyme in the lungs that can cause smokers to suffer from hypertension.
    • Stress damages and even kills cells, resulting in our enzyme-making machinery having to work overtime to help rebuild or replace them.

    Metabolic Enzymes

    There are 2 main classes of enzymes – digestive and metabolic. Digestive enzymes break down food into energy to be utilised by your body. But more importantly are metabolic enzymes, which are responsible for every physiological function within the body, from energy production to breaking down cholesterol and physical growth.

    Every one of your 60 trillion cells depends on metabolic enzymes to catalyse energy production.* This process happens within the blood, where the enzymes process nutrients provided by food and deliver them to every cell in our body.

    Metabolic enzymes also help to rid your body of harmful toxins, ensure the correct function of every organ and are intimately involved with running our circulatory, lymphatic, cardiac, neurologic, endocrine, renal, hepatic, and reproductive systems, as well as maintaining our skin, bones, joints, muscles and other tissues.

    Additionally, they:
      • Assist and strengthen the immune system;
      • Aid the body in breaking down fat (critical for weight management);
      • Help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, thus reducing the body\'s risk of other health complications;
      • Neutralise poisons and carcinogens like pollutants, DDT and tobacco smoke;
      • Enhance the digestive process; and
      • Slow down the ageing process.
    Enzyme Aid

    As it gets harder to achieve the level of enzyme production for optimal health, people are increasingly turning to enzyme supplementation.

    Dr-Xeniji is one of the precious few enzyme supplements that can stimulate both digestive and metabolic enzymes due to its complete fermentation process which produces a broad spectrum enzyme catalyst with coenzymes and co-factors.

    A prized product born from the patient, painstaking and pure fermentation process of 1000 days, using over 50 types of fruits, vegetables and seeds from all 4 different seasons, Dr-Xeniji:

      • Is recognised and certified by the Japanese Association for Alternative Complementary & Traditional Medicine (JACT) as the first and only fermented functional food;
      • Has received the mark of excellence by Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association (JHNFA);
      • Is supported by over 50 clinical and scientific researches; and
      • Has a US patent for its formulation and fermentation process. With Dr-Xeniji, your body will remain fighting fit for a long, long time.
  • Food For Your Eyes

    Since these age-related eye diseases develop over time, it is therefore important to care for our eyes early on.

    In the last few years, researchers have found that the intake of 3 nutrients – Astaxanthin, Lutein and Zeaxanthin – may delay the onset as well as lessen the severity of cataracts and AMD. Together, these 3 nutrients work synergistically to PROTECT and NOURISH the eyes.

    In fact, in an article published by the American Optometric Association, lutein and zeaxanthin are powerful nutrients that may reduce the risk of chronic eye diseases, including Cataracts and AMD*. The article added that studies have also shown that lutein and zeaxanthin improve visual performance in AMD and cataract patients.

    A study published in Opthamalogy, the official Journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, also showed that lutein, zeaxanthin & astaxanthin together with other antioxidants can help improve AMD symptoms by up to 80%

    Lutein & Zeaxanthin

    Powerful ingredients for filtering harmful light rays

    PROTECT EYES against the sun\'s harmful UV rays:

      • Shield the macula to reduce AMD symptoms.
      • Neutralise free radicals associated with oxidative stress and retinal damage to alleviate cataracts*.


    NOURISH EYES with its very high antioxidant properties:

      • Increases capillary blood flow to deliver oxygen and nutrients to retina by up to 10.7%, thus reducing eye fatigue symptoms;
      • Improves focusing power by up to 50%. A well-nourished ciliary body will assist the lens to focus faster, resulting in clearer vision; and
      • Stimulate tear production that forms a protective coat on the cornea surface to reduce eye fatigue by up to 54%.

    * American Optometric Association (http://www.aoa.org/x11815.xml)
  • You May Be Healthy,
    But Is Your Colon Wasting Away?

    According to a health expert, only 40-50% of people move their bowels daily1. This is discouraging because when toxins and waste are not removed from the body, it may lead to many health issues.

    A comprehensive self-health management programme, the 1st and 2nd steps of Elken MRT* programme focus on achieving a nutritionally-balanced diet and increased oxygen intake. When our body has sufficient nutrients and oxygen, it promotes good metabolism. During this process, the body generates by-products or waste, the bulk of which is sent to the colon for toxin elimination and excretion. That is why the 3rd step of Elken MRT focuses on detoxification, especially of the colon and constipation problems.

    Main causes of Constipation

      • Eating irregular meals
      • Unhealthy diet of processed and fast food, or food high in fat, artificial additives or preservatives
      • Digestive disorders, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn\'s Disease
      • Lack of fibre intake
      • Lack of exercise
      • Medication
      • Changes in life or routine such as pregnancy, ageing, and travel

    Main causes of Constipation

      • Eating irregular meals
      • Unhealthy diet of processed and fast food, or food high in fat, artificial additives or preservatives
      • Digestive disorders, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn\'s Disease
      • Lack of fibre intake
      • Lack of exercise
      • Medication
      • Changes in life or routine such as pregnancy, ageing, and travel

    Ways to Ensure Good Gut Health

      • Eat adequate fruits and vegetables rich in fibre
      • Drink pure water to soften stools and promote easy bowel movements
      • Take a colon cleansing supplement regularly to help clear unwanted waste that accumulates in the colon
      • Eat food rich in probiotics
      • Exercise, especially sit-ups and abdominal crunches, helps to promote bowel movements
  • Reasons to Clean the Colon
      • Removes metabolism waste products that build up daily
      • Prevents unabsorbed food from becoming toxic waste that can be reabsorbed into our body\'s systems
      • Helps prevent constipation
      • Prevents proliferation of bad bacteria which converts undigested food into toxins.
      • Improves nutrient absorption, thus enhancing energy utilisation
      • Halts development of haemorrhoids

    Enhance Gut Environment with Good Bacteria

    Apart from cleansing the colon, we should also set up a good environment in our intestines by repopulating the intestinal flora with good bacteria. Ideally, our gut should have an 80:20 ratio of good to bad bacteria, but this is hardly ever achieved in reality. On top of that, studies show that good bacteria reduce by 80% by age 80 while bad bacteria increase by 150%!

    Good bacteria Bad bacteria
    Break down food to become nutrients

    Enhance digestion

    Inhibit bad bacteria

    Promote bowel movement

    Reduce intestine toxicity

    Synthesise vitamins
    Convert undigested food to toxins which may affect:
    Intestinal tract – diarrhoea and bloated stomach

    Mouth – bad breath

    Liver – metabolism disorder and reduced immunity

    Skin – dull skin, allergy, pimples

    Others – fatigue, weakened immunity

    New research shows that synbiotics – a combination of probiotics (good bacteria) and prebiotics (food components for probiotic bacteria) – ensures the multiplication and proliferation of good bacteria in the gut within the shortest time.

    Synbiotic Synergy
    One gentle yet effective and natural way to clear your colon and increase your population of good bacteria is with Fujita Lactose-S. A 100% natural synbiotic, Fujita Lactose-S contains 1 billion Bifidus bacteria as well as other good bacteria (probiotics) and Oligosaccharides (prebiotics) for optimal synergistic effects.

    Functions Of Key Ingredients Of Fujita Lactose-S

    Cleanse – Lactose + Lactic Acid Bacteria
    Helps in digestion

    Releases carbonic acid

    Expands intestinal wall

    Stimulates bowel movement

    Dislodges & removes hardened waste
    Probiotics - Bifidus
    Maintains a balanced pH level in the intestines while promoting a healthy intestinal tract

    Stop growth of harmful bacteria
    Prebiotics - Oligosaccharides
    Helps promote growth of Bifidus bacteria & other good bacteria, thus helping to inhibit bad bacteria

    Unique Features Of Fujita Lactose-S

    Employs the freeze-dry technology to protect the heat-sensitive bacteria from dying.

    Each sachet of Fujita Lactose-S contains over 1 billion Bifidus bacteria as well as Lactic-Acid forming bacteria that promote a healthy intestinal tract by cleansing the colon of impurities.


    How To Consume Fujita Lactose-S
    Weight recom\'d consumption in beginning recom\'d consumption for maintenance
    Adults below 60kg 1 sachet daily for 3-6 consecutive days 1 sachet weekly thereafter
    Adults above 60kg 1.5 to 2 sachets daily for 3-6 consecutive days 1 sachet weekly thereafter
  • Every day, our eyes work long and hard to help us function. Unfortunately, most of us overwork our eyes without realising it. Eye fatigue affects up to 70% of people who perform extended visual tasks* (like reading) and more than 90% of frequent users of VDTs (visual display terminals such as computers, smartphones, tablets and televisions). If unchecked, eye fatigue may lead to eye dryness, long- and short-sightedness and various other eye discomforts.

    Food For Your Eyes

    Eye strain can be relieved, for example, by massaging our eye area or taking our eyes off the computer and focusing on a distant object every now and then.
    Another effective way is to take VZIO, a supplement that is formulated with 2 US patented technologies – to reduce eye fatigue and to nourish eyes.

    Reduce Eye Fatigue

    Extracted from algae, Zanthin® is made up of astaxanthin that is able to cross the blood-brain-retina barrier to reduce eye fatigue in 3 ways:
    1) Increase blood flow to the retina and ciliary body, thus sending more oxygen and nutrients to the eyes.
    2) Improve focusing power by up to 50% (eye strain is lessened when your eyes are able to focus faster).
    3) Increase tear production in the cornea while promoting regeneration of cells in the eyes.

    Nourish Eyes

    XanMax® is a combination of lutein and zeaxanthin extracted using a patented technology to ensure their highest bioavailability. It is also formulated to have the ratio of 10:1 of lutein and zeaxanthin for the best retention rate in the human body and eye.

    XanMax® is a potent ingredient that increases the concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin in the macula, which is located near the centre of the retina. The macula is important to our vision as it acts as a natural sunblock by absorbing excess harmful ultraviolet light.

    Benefits Of VZIO
    Category Benefits of VZIO

    Reduces eye fatigue in classroom or when facing the computers.
    Helps protect vision & delay onset of short-sightedness myopia & astigmatism.
    Adults Reduces eye dryness, especially in air-conditioned environments.
    Reduces eye fatigue especially when working on the computer for long hours.
    Helps protect vision & slow down progression of short-sightedness & astigmatism.
    Mature adults & senior citizens

    Reduces eye dryness.
    Helps delay onset of long-sightedness.

    Improves night vision.
    People with dark circles around eyes Reduces dark circles caused by stress, lack sleep, allergies, nasal congestions etc.
    Frequent travellers / pilots / air stewardesses Reduces eye dryness in aircrafts.
    Construction workers /gardeners / people who work outdoors Reduces eye fatigue caused by sun glare & exposure to dust in air.
    Protects eyes from harmful UV light.
  • Does Your Body Need An

    Extra O2 Boost?


    Why is there a need to focus on increasing oxygen intake? Most people take in barely enough oxygen – just sufficient for the body\'s metabolic processes for energy production and maintain a decent immunity level. As seen earlier, there are several ways to help increase our body\'s oxygen level, but some people are especially in need of a higher oxygen intake.

    People who need increased oxygen intake Reason Benefits of Increased Oxygen
    Office workers A sedentary lifestyle may lead to lower blood circulation & lower oxygen levels in the body Improve blood circulation & increase energy levels
    Spend long hours in enclosed air-conditioned spaces Air in enclosed spaces is "stale" and has lower oxygen levels Reduce fatigue & improve concentration
    Lead a stressful lifestyle Emotional and physical stress use up more oxygen in the body. Calm the body & improve mental alertness
    Eating a high-fat diet Fat takes a long time to digest, thus it obstructs the passage of oxygen to our cells Enhance metabolism
    Smokers / people exposed to secondhand smoke. Smoking can damage respiratory functions, deprive the body of oxygen and produce free radicals Help neutralise free radicals
    Students Long hours of studies may lead to poor concentration, especially before exams Increase concentration and alertness
    Drivers Long hours of driving can lead to tiredness and poor concentration. Drivers are also more exposed to polluted air which contains less oxygen Boost alertness and energy levels
    Sportsmen / People who exercise More oxygen is needed to support aerobic activity and maintain good performance Improve stamina and energy levels
    People with respiratory problems eg. asthma May lack adequate oxygen in lungs Boost oxygen flow to aid breathing
    Sick people Bacteria, viruses and parasites grow fast in an anaerobic environment (lack of oxygen) Create an aerobic (oxygen-rich) environment where
    pathogens cannot thrive

    O2 \'Massage\'

    Increasing oxygen intake via Guasa


    Guasa is an ancient therapy that has been used for over 3,000 years to improve blood circulation. A better blood circulation boosts the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells while removing metabolic wastes and toxins from the body.

    Guasa utilises the technique of scraping specific parts of our body, especially our body\'s 12 Meridian pathways, with a Guasa board and oil or cream to expel toxins that cause poor blood circulation. These toxins, together with aged and dead cells on skin surface, are then accumulated in red patches called "Sha". Frequent Guasa thus helps to pinpoint health problems of a person and speeds up blood circulation, resulting in:

    1) Increase in positive \'qi\' (oxygen content) in the body
    2) Reduction of excessive \'yang qi\' (pathogenic heat and dryness)
    3) Enhanced metabolism
    4) Increase in inner vitality & energy levels
    5) Lessening of headaches & improvement in mental alertness
    6) Relief for sore muscles, joint pains & fatigue
    7) Stronger immune system

    Guasa Board
    Made from buffalo horn, it has the remarkable ability to expel pathogenic heat and remove body toxins without injuring the skin or causing pain.

    Aro Guasa Oil
    Contains extracts of juniper berries, rosemary, thyme, ginger and black pepper to improve circulation of \'qi\' and blood, promote overall health and detoxify the body.

    Moxa Cream
    An exclusive formulation comprising 6 types of essential oil – grape seed, almond, rose hip, zedoang, ginger, cinnamon – and 6 types of herbal extracts – arnica montana, ginseng, aloe vera, gingko biloba, Chinese angelica (dang gui), chamomile. These are readily absorbed into deeper skin layers and work synergistically to improve blood circulation, boost cell metabolism, and relieve stressed and damaged tissues.



    Direct O2 Delivery

    Instantly boost oxygen levels through AO II

    At times, despite exercising, deep breathing and performing Guasa, we still feel lethargic, can\'t concentrate well, fall sick easily or fail to perform at our peak levels.

    This is because a low oxygen level in our body can give rise to an acidic environment where red blood cells have lost their electromagnetic charge, causing them to stick together. These clumps actually slow down the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, leading to lethargy and other ills that come with oxygen deficiency.

    In such situations, we may need a direct oxygen boost into our body. AO II is a proprietary oxygen supplement with negatively-charged stabilised oxygen molecules that have been clinically proven to directly and immediately increase oxygen content in blood.

    Clinical Studies
    Many clinical studies on AO II have shown remarkable results. Here are some of them.

    High Oxygen Content
    AO II contains over 1,000 times more oxygen than tap water – 12,000ppm oxygen compared to 7-12ppm oxygen in tap water. In one test, the oxygen level in a cup of 240ml of water increased by 442% after 10 drops of AO II were added.

    Increase Oxygen Levels in Blood
    This test shows that AO II increased blood oxygen saturation and pressure levels by 2.5 times, with the increase lasting 130 minutes.

    Accelerates O2 Delivery
    A clinical study shows that clumps of red blood cells became dispersed after being administered negatively charged oxygen molecules in AO II. Thus they can transport oxygen and nutrients more efficiently.

    Before AO II Red blood cells are clumped together

    20 minutes after taking AO II Red blood cells have dispersed

    Reduces free radical activity
    Another clinical test showed that free radical activities in the body were almost cleared 6 weeks after taking AO II.

    Dried blood sample before taking AO II.
    Free radical activity as indicated by white puddles

    Dried blood sample after taking AO II for 6 weeks
    Free radical activity almost cleared

    Increased oxygen levels will enhance your overall health for optimal performance. AO II and Guasa are a holistic oxygen therapy that works synergistically to boost oxygen intake and deliver oxygen directly to the 60 trillion cells in your body. It\'s a perfect marriage of modern science (AO II) and ancient therapy (Guasa) for total health rejuvenation!