Code Of Ethics

All Distributors are required to observe the Elken Distributors’ Code of Ethics at all times, which is set forth as follows:

Distributor’s Pledge:

  1. I will follow the highest standard of honesty and integrity in conducting the Elken Business.
  2. I will be abide by, Elken Distributors’ Rules and Regulations, Code of Ethics, Company’s policies, procedures, and directives all the times.
  3. I will not resort to any fraudulent act in promoting the Company’s business at the expense of the Company, fellow Distributors and direct selling industry.
  4. I will present Elken Compensation Plan accurately and honestly, clearly portraying the level of efforts required to achieve success.
  5. I will not make negative or disparaging remarks about the Company, its employees, officers, directors or denigrate other company’s products, marketing plan or any other features of another company. I will be respectful to the Company, its staff, fellow Distributors and to the direct selling industry as a whole.
  6. I will not retail the Company’s products at below or above the prescribed prices authorized by the Company.
  7. I will not use the Company’s trade name(s), information, literature, advertising materials and Company’s resources for any other business interests or purpose not authorized by the Company.
  8. I will continuously strive to ensure that my customers and fellow Distributors are satisfied with the Company’s products and my service.
  9. I will actively train and encourage my downlines towards succeeding in Elken business.
  10. I will not take advantage the goodwill of the Company to promote other businesses ventures/interests, whether directly or indirectly in competition with or in conflict with the Company’s interest.
  11. I will not make any payment or promise to pay any prospect or Distributor in return for Membership recruitment or enrolment activities.